Monday, 8 April 2013


 "Leadership is more than standing in front of the room and spouting platitudes."

The doctors in our leadership show are ones that have worked at various levels adding more value at every step. They worked in their own practices, as family doctors or psychiatrists. They worked in their local communities. Because of their humble personalities building consensus along the way and rewarding hard work and willing to do the dirty work, they were selected or promoted or they volunteered to lead when others stayed silent.  
"People lined up behind them"
Dr. Gail Beck is a psychiatrist, mother of 5, fluently bilingual, leader locally, provincially, nationally and internationally, recipient of the Order of Ontario and Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal. I have known her for 6 years and she surprises me every time with her kindness and wisdom. She shares a story about her struggle with the Ministry in Labour negotiations then switches to a story about meeting Adrienne Clarkson and Margaret Atwood at the Diamond Jubilee Installation and then closes with her presentation at the United Nations on the Status of Women. I smile and gently shake my head. She is truly representative of the Great Canadian Doctor. 

Dr. Robert Cushman is well known to the citizens of Ottawa as Medical Officer of Health. But did you know he went to Harvard to do a BA in economics, worked in Canada's north serving the Cree and Inuit when it was not considered "in vogue", and started serving our Quebecois neighbours as a medical officer before serving in Ottawa. He helped start the wave of smoke free environments making Ottawa a world leader in this type of legislation. He also is humble. He acknowledged all of the workers at the filming. As he has climbed the ladder to CEO of the Champlain LHIN to now a Director at Health Canada, he has always remained true to those around him. He accepted my invitation to be on the show immediately. He was kind and graceful - a true gentleman.

 Dr. John Gray comes across as a quiet man. But he is a giant! Dr. Gray is past president of the Ontario Medical Association representing over 25,000 doctors in Ontario. He is past board director of the Canadian Medical Association. And today he is the CEO of the Canadian Medical Protection Association. He is responsible for the legal defence and liability protection of over 78,000 Canadian doctors. They are leaders in ensuring lower medical costs, and improving patient safety. These are very large medical organizations that need strong leaders with conviction, ethics, and people skills. Dr. Gray is like so many doctors - more than meets the eye.

You will learn about seizing the opportunities around you. You will learn to value ethical decisions over expedient ones. And you will ask for help when you need it.

I look forward to bringing their stories to you.
Humbly, Dr. A squared

To be continued...

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